27 February 2009


It's been SUCH a long week.

Haha, she has green eyebrows and grey-blonde hair...

26 February 2009


I've gotten back into TegakiE, hehee (thanks to Tsukihara from Skylands, ha). I thought of going back into it with a blogger kinda mind. That happened...once with the one up there. Alas, I like drawing pretty things more.
Here's some thumbnails...

25 February 2009


I've been suddenly blessed with a million an' one ideas to draw and quite a few have made it Skylands. Here's the most recent ones:

Just 'cause I wanted to draw a crazy-lookin'-crazylegged faerie...

Have I sufficiently blinded yon optical spheres?

A longing look, I s'pose. Yes, she is biting her bottom lip. I tried, haha.