30 November 2012

Winter Drawing Challenge Week 1

day 01 - sweaters

day 02 - snowball fights

day 03 - hot chocolate/hot drinks

day 04 - books

day 05 - ice skating

day 06 - parkas/big jackets

day 07 - sledding
I've never been

28 November 2012

Two Siblings

When I got MyPaint, I wanted to draw some people as a warm up, and a whole bunch of people from my church answered! These two kids requested separately that they be painted.

24 October 2012

digital portraits

I've been pretty busy churning out portraits (email me if you're interested!) and I intend to put them all up in one big post soon, but here are some ones I did as warm ups
celeb doodles...

a self portait warm up ~1hr

14 September 2012


Spent about an hour or two browsing through flicker, sketching this and giving myself a cramp in my wrist.

23 August 2012

doodle update

unearthed some  pages of even older doodles and thought I'd just throw them up here to keep this place a bit more active

24 July 2012

I Thought
A little something I needed to get out and Marion's words illustrate it beautifully.
Note: I'm actually right-handed, therefore that is the hand I create with, not with the left as indicated up there haha

21 July 2012

doodle update

I'm trying to have consistency in my sketchbook, so this apparently means I have themed pages. I'll go back to a particular page if I know what I want to draw and it will fit with the subjects already drawn. If not, then I'll sketch willy-nilly and that's fine too.

And then some old class doodles...

19 July 2012

Yeah so her outfit was inspired by the dress Babette wore in the film I watched earlier this week. It wasn't a love story at all, I just love drawing these sorts of dresses.
Did some experimenting with the textured brushes in MyPaint :)

11 June 2012

07 May 2012

Selling portraits!

Here's some doodles, WIPs, and commission drafts for your viewing pleasure

Do contact me if you'd like a portrait or something else! (payable through Paypal, finished copy will be scanned and sent)