14 December 2009


So here's a old sketch that never made it to a finalised edition. Heh, I drew earlier this PAST winter. Reminded me of the summer/India. Either or.

That way you can see what nonsense I wrote on the right side.
I think I rambled on about the summer I spent there and the things I learned about how women dressed. . .

08 November 2009


Some things I've been doodling of late...

17 October 2009

Heat Wave

I tried a self portrait...

But I messed up the placement of the face and ended up trying to make it fit into the canvas.
So my jawline and facial features came out disproportionate.

I miss summer sooooo much. Heat nao plz kay? THANX

13 October 2009


That was my first attempt at realism at home...so it became a mini rant about this ridiculous wireless mouse. Pity, I was actually using a screen shot of the Dard e Disco video.

So that drawing isn't going to get done, obviously.

Later, I got hold of a nice Mac mouse at the library and drew the lush lady below.

12 October 2009


Flattery gets so many people so many places.

Pen and ink drawing during a slow day at the hospital.
Click for full view.

06 October 2009

"Because I'm here wondering what could you be thinking
Though I know you that you're thinking I wonder that all the time"

Not angry...

...just stressed.

01 October 2009

To the left, to the left

After Haley and Hope noted that I've have drawn many people (girls, really) facing the left in some way or another...I couldn't help but see that they were right. Especially since they commented on this recent oekaki above.
SO! I've flipped through my sketchbook and commandeered the library's scanner and viola!
MORE sketches facing the left.

29 September 2009

New OC

So here's that original character I mention earlier (a whole page in the past).
She's half French, and has some Hindu deity in there. Because of the Indian influence, she tends to wear gold (a lot or a little, her jewelry HAS to be gold). Though she has Indian blood in her, she has absolutely no divine powers. I refuse to godmod.
Of course there's her weapon. While not original, a scythe isn't often used in battles (let alone epic battles). There are about three or four images I referred to draw my own scythe with all the lunar and Indian references. I think that's the only thing I really worked on, since I'm don't go about drawing armaments in my doodles.

I suppose the only unnatural thing about her is the fact her dark hair glints violet in bright light.
Try not to notice all the anatomical errors (I'll point 'em out anyway so you won't feel like 'enlightening me' anyway). The weird gap between her legs. One of her hands is bigger/longer than the other. She looks sort of cross-eyed. Narrow and awkward positioning of shoulders. Inaccurate cast shadows on her blouse.
I was more concerned about creating the character than making sure she looked human.

26 September 2009

Crois en moi

A friend of mine got me into progressive metal again. Generally, I don't like metal all that much (I dislike screamo as well), but with all the Pink Floyd covers Dream Theater did, I couldn't help but like metal.
So along with my crappy mouse and to some songs by Riverside, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and of course, Dream Theater, I drew this patchy-looking image on Tegaki E.

I DO hope I can get a decent mouse to draw with. My fingers still remember my recent use of the touchpad for this near-full body drawing. x_x
Hopefully, someone on Skylands will colour it.

24 September 2009

State of Mind

So, I'm feeling strangely motivated to do well this half, so whatever started this motivation, I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.
Unfortunately, with all the required reading I have to do (which is still astounding), I haven't been able to do any recreational reading. Which is also strange since I always used to make time to read a novel. Maybe I'm find more subjects interesting...that may be due to the fact that I started taking one nonfiction book whenever I stopped by the library. And being the the cheap bibliophile that I am, that was quite frequently. The staff there know me by face, not yet by name, and that's not because I painted that mural for them!
Here's a collab I did with a fantastic artist-soon-to-be-wedded-teacher Katie Jo:

She did the lineart, and I the colouring. You can find her work at http://kjs.deviantart.com. Click, you!

On a more personal note, someone finds me interesting. And it's not a random person online who's never met an Indian...

We'll see how things go.

20 August 2009

Oh, bother

I guess I can say I'm slightly sad I didn't get as many comments on the last two drawings. :/

The first was inspired by a friend who has cancer. His grandfather was a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster and he also suffers. But when he told me he met a girl...it was just adorable. I asked if I could see her and I kind of loosely based it off her colouring and piercings. The shirt was a failed sketch of an airial shot of Chernobyl. xP

The second was influenced by LJ's Napoleon piece, Karolina's eyeshadow, and John's wickedly naturally bleached hair. Just a whole bunch of people in this...

10 August 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

I felt I should have worked on this more, or even done a more detailed oekaki. I miss being an active member of Skylands, but when I'm there, all I can do is comment, since I can't even put a finished oekaki up. xP

I'm super glad there's so many new members that are now populating the board. I hope it won't be so dead anymore like it was earlier this year.
That and I'm secretly hoping I'll get more comments on my oekakis. xP
But in order for that to happen is to make better paintings that are worthy of making an opinion of. x_x

20 July 2009


I was hankering to do some dramatic eye make up.
I might make some real life photos soon, but I need to get a new prescription for my contacts before I experiment with my real eyes.

Jack the Acid and the I can walk on water I can Fly - Remix in my ears compelled me to make this:

I might hav
e overdosed on the blur tool, haha.

15 June 2009

I just realised I've gone with out a sketchbook in quite a while. Nearly two months. Le gasp.
Well, when I go out for my near-daily...chauffeuring and grocery shopping I'll nip by the local convenience store (Boots!, haha) and get one. Provided I have money for it.

There we go. I realised uploading them to photobucket gets it through. :3

Here are some watercolours I've finished.
The ballerina was a birthday gift to a friend.

The one with pure white hair is going to get a collage as her 'do whenever I get the chance.

I went to the beach for a weekend so that was amazing. :D! So here's some shots of that. The last one is of an aspiring GQ model or something[one]. I don't feel like posting all the photos of him. ,

Er, London

I'll just link the album since uploading photos from this computer is becoming akin to teeth pulling. Long and excruciating (especially when one has wisdom teeth).
Der! London!

Well, it was nice to finally meet my niece now that she can speak and such. Though all she speaks is Malayalam we both have about the same vocabulary so it worked out. Apparently we look the same. Well, when I was a three year old, that is.
Ahh, I did a lot of sightseeing. Went to Madame Tussuad's, London Eye, The Tower of London, a few of the little gardens (and a Garden Museum!), Millennium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, tube (MIND THE GAP!), Tate Modern, and a few others I'm sure I've forgotten by now...

Anyhoo, I think it's ironic that I know London's Underground better that I know NYC's subway system.

(random art update coming soon in next entry!)

03 April 2009

From this to this

apprx 20inx16in

Circa 2007
I made the collage after I thought there were way too many happy-looking collages being made along with mine. I took a bit of the collage(it's from the bottom left-hand corner) for inspiration for this hard-edge acrylic painting.


01 April 2009

To do list

ust making note of the art I should be doing. xP
  • Finishing that Jasmine oekaki (white palms or no?)
  • Sketch more self-portraits of myself/face for Naar.
  • GW lineart for Sumi (at least I finally got a semi-decent screenshot of her)
  • avatar art for youngest brother
  • 'descriptive' art of my (first!) RP OC: Marie (must look up refs for scythe)

  • Must RP more regularly as India on Tegaki E
  • Submit a decent blog entry with main account on Tegaki E. D:
I feel I should do more art on my own since I haven't really taken a formal art class. That's my logic, anyhow. It's damn hard to do when I really should be doing a million other things.

26 March 2009

Let me grow up

Just finished sketching a self-portrait.
The line of the nose bothers me alone, though. :|
(yay, for un-editted photos)

23 March 2009

Feeling Brown

I think the whole thing with APH and my RPing as India is pretty cool and it's been dragging (not kicking and screaming, as it would have before) me into my own heritage. It was a bit daunting at first, getting into character and such. I've tried so hard to avoid that part of me. Not too hard mind you. My church is a MTC church, after all. But I still don't watch Bollywood movies and I don't keep a whole lot of Indian friends. :/

Though I haven't posted much on Tegaki E this week, I've been doing a bit of Sanskrit and 1940s India research and thinking of ways to tick off England.

This is was my 'introduction' into the OC tag on Tegaki E. I've been trying to give her a name other than Indian, haha. I've been thinking either Deskari (done by the country) or Padma (lotus). And then for a last name...I should probably ask my parent for common Indian last names. Other than Patel, of course. x3 I found an excellent reference for her outfit on Arun Kumar Sinha's blog. Period uniforms, yay! Since APH mostly takes place in the 1940s what with the Axis Powers and Indian trying to gain it's independence at the same time, finding this was like a gift. A woman constable's uniform from 1940 from a southern Indian HQ matched the original countries from the web comic/anime PERFECTLY! *squeee*

Anyhow, other than RPing as Indienne, I've been doodling a bit of 'Indian' art. Figuring out how saris, salwars, churidaars drape and such. Shoudlnt' be too hard as since I wear a churidaar every week and seee even more people wear them in church. Perhaps I should bring my sketchpad to church. Hmn, that'd take away from me teach Sunday School. :T
Here's a WIP that I've sketched a bit in pen in my agenda and I'm oekaki-ing. I'm not sure what I'm trying to do with her skirt. Back to lined paper for this, I guess. x3

"Bird of Paradise"

An old pen and ink drawing from my art class back in secondary school.
The girl who modelled the form has hair like mine, so many people asked if I drew a self portrait.

Thankfully for her (and me, since I posed for the other student at some point during the year), she din't have to hold the pose for the entire making of this drawing. We only needed the 'outline' and had to fill it in with patterns, much like I do with
mehndi, haha.

Mitochondria! And paisleys!