28 March 2012

PB sketch coloured in Photoshop

I tried not to overwork with the painting since I did most of the shading ballpoint pen

I think I'm in love with her purple gown. I've got so many ideas for dress variations, who knows if they'll be on paper, much less see the light of day the internet.

25 March 2012

I played around with some tablet pressures in photoshop..

23 March 2012

Doodles and sketches done in the hospital last week and around

21 March 2012


Painting practice using a friend's line art haha
 Another hour and I would have attempted some sort of pattern on her blouse but I just wanted to paint skin textures without making it look overworked. Next up, have all lighting come from the same point...
3hrs with mouse

19 March 2012

flowers and food

Some recent sketches of things I don't normally draw. 
Click images for full view.
Columbines are one of my favourite flowers... 

This was also posted on my food tumblr.

09 March 2012

01 March 2012

Princess Bubblegum sketch

I recently found the blog of Natasha Allegri, a character designer of Adventure Time, and I've basically fallen in love with her style. So here's more Princess Bubblegum fan art.

Debating colouring it in photoshop. With all the WIPs I have waiting for me, I don't know haha