30 August 2010

Book sketches

I figured I should finally post these.

You see the sketchings of afro-features; there are all females, sorry. There are some doodles of the mother and the daughter.

18 August 2010


So I was never depressed (though I was diagnosed with depression a while back), I had, in fact, inspiration deficit disorder.
"You had depression?!?!?!?!?" You ask? Why, I had that collage and that huge painting about shortly before all that.
Just F.Y.I.
These pictures were sort of inspired by this interestingly entertaining artist Marie Pearson. I sort of stalk her on Tegaki E.

Yay for awkward limbs!

15 August 2010


Courtney Crumrin, Vol. 1: Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things (Courtney Crumrin (Graphic Novels))I'm kinda getting back into drawing like this again...probably due to watching Bleach and surfing through some anime-esque galleries on dA, hahaha! I've been reading many comics from my local library as well and there's a number of them illustrated by Naifeh (magicker of Courtney Crumrin's bewitching escapades). I copied his particular style of eyes; you can see several pairs in the photo in where I scrawled his name...

13 August 2010

SOOOOOOOO. That book deal? Yeah, it's officially called off. Apparently the publishing company was no good. The author had her lawyer look over the contract; he said that it was vague in the terms of the money she would get and advised her against it. 
She's gonna postpone the project for a while...finish up her business now and maybe revise her book and find an agent next year. Good news? I didn't waste my time on dozen of these sketches, she paid me for my time: listening to her and laying the groundwork for future illustrators.
I felt so bad taking the money though! She didn't accept the sketches I had done so far, she only wanted her manuscript and reference photos of her family and the geese.

12 August 2010


Book deal has been called off, can't say I'm not relieved. Details, hopefully posted on Friday.

10 August 2010

 I do have a picture. It's about 90% finished, some facial features need some colouring in, the shirt needs shading and the sash's colour needs to be fixed. More uniformity, really.  She's not going to have a background...just a floor, hahaha.