28 September 2011


Ahhhhhh, some scanned and camera-photographed doodles from work and stuff from my livestream sessions.

26 September 2011

killing time

Attempted to paint something on my iPhone. I know. Painting on a 2in wide screen, I'm crazy.
I used iRetouch Free (which I actually do use for photo-editting). It’s kinda awkward but I made do. I used a large canvas size (took a random photo and just whited out everything so it was a blank canvas) so I could access all the parts of what I wanted to paint while zooming and panning around. Right before posting this, I cropped out much of the unpainted corners and unseemly edges.
 I’m surprised it looks decent without having used  a stylus, layers or an eyedropper tool haha 
Ignore any weird facial anatomy.

3hrs and my fingertip

25 September 2011

24 September 2011

eye makeup

Haven't posted anything to do with my eye makeup lately, so here we go.

22 September 2011

Some notebook doodles also taken with my phone.
I really need to get a new battery for my camera (and use the scanner for my 2D art, haha)

19 September 2011

16 September 2011

More watercolours

doodle with pencils and watercolour
pencils, white chalk and paint. I should get some gauche, heh.

You've prolly seen this girl before. I just added a background and did some minor touching up.

12 September 2011

Darren Criss

A slightly large watercolour portrait for a friend.

Darren Criss

This was a gift for Allison! Check out her deviantARTwebcomic and show her some love.

Since I'm a fan of the show Glee, and that girl is even more so, I decided to do some fanart since I was diddling with my watercolours all weekend. Tried out the salt technique on his collar (see the tiny dots in the shadows?). Next time I'll make sure to do it without any underpainting aha.
 Yes, the watercolours are supposed to look that saturated; I stuck to the primaries for the colour scheme.  :)

09 September 2011


I loved the Ruben Toledo spread by Nordstrom in a magasine (I think, Vogue?). Plus, the model reminded me of Karolina, haha. I wasn't able to find it on Google, but here's the [link] to my scan of the reference.

Watercolour on Canson 90lb paper.

(C) Nordstrom & Chanel

07 September 2011

02 September 2011

A doodle I coloured in openCanvas. I really hate painting, I prefer drawing xP
At least her hair came out decently.

A bunch more sketches. Most of them are based on posemanics.com and fashion photos.