21 September 2010


Bioethics always bring up fun topics to discuss.  First time drawing a pregnant person, heh.

15 September 2010

The red inked one I drew while at the hospital and the second one was inspired by Kate Beaton's pirates though a stray mark near his mouth makes him look like some vampire.

10 September 2010

Just a page I scanned.

Apparently the page was too wobbly to be scanned properly.  But you can see doodle of my mermaid character in the upper left corner. I still need to figure out a name for her. :/  The grinning girl is from an Ebony magasine, I think. The right side is just some doodles after reading a Blue Beetle comic. I was just trying out some mouth styles.

07 September 2010

sketch dump


Gah, I love my small sketchbook; I can take it anywhere and just drawwww