17 October 2009

Heat Wave

I tried a self portrait...

But I messed up the placement of the face and ended up trying to make it fit into the canvas.
So my jawline and facial features came out disproportionate.

I miss summer sooooo much. Heat nao plz kay? THANX

13 October 2009


That was my first attempt at realism at home...so it became a mini rant about this ridiculous wireless mouse. Pity, I was actually using a screen shot of the Dard e Disco video.

So that drawing isn't going to get done, obviously.

Later, I got hold of a nice Mac mouse at the library and drew the lush lady below.

12 October 2009


Flattery gets so many people so many places.

Pen and ink drawing during a slow day at the hospital.
Click for full view.

06 October 2009

"Because I'm here wondering what could you be thinking
Though I know you that you're thinking I wonder that all the time"

Not angry...

...just stressed.

01 October 2009

To the left, to the left

After Haley and Hope noted that I've have drawn many people (girls, really) facing the left in some way or another...I couldn't help but see that they were right. Especially since they commented on this recent oekaki above.
SO! I've flipped through my sketchbook and commandeered the library's scanner and viola!
MORE sketches facing the left.