25 December 2010

I drew something with a tablet! Well, I drew the lineart with a mouse and then I finally dragged out my dusty tablet and used it to colour this gift.
You can see how I coloured most of the hair at my livestream (also resurrected)

24 December 2010

Just some fluff until the holidays pass.
I have good news of great joy:
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

10 December 2010



My friend Liz, commissioned these images for her blog. Please do check it out! It's chock full of all sorts of fun comics and the like.
These were coloured in Tegaki E which recently went through an address change so I was momentarily confused but trusty Google helped me find it again. If you want a good doodle board with a very simple palette, join today! They've recently added opacity so if you're so inclined, you can paint even more amazing things. The new web address? http://tewi.us/tegaki

06 December 2010

Coffee Fiend

http://www.kawaiinot.com/index.php?p=339Who's cramming for finals? Let's hear it!
Ya'll hopped up on coffee, yet? At least caffeine?
I'm not a big drinker of coffee, but I still love it. I tend to dump a lot of cream and sugar in my cup so it's not too healthy. BUT I LOVE CAFFEINE SO GOOD

Based off of a comic by Meghan Murphy over at Kawaii Not. Go! And then click each comic for more addictively amusing comics!
(c) Kawaii Not

01 December 2010

Out on a limb..or two

Just some limbs I was trying out

I got a new camera as a new Christmas/Birthday present, so I used that to shoot these. They're sort of dim but clear...I didn't bother to edit them since I've a load of books to befriend.