31 March 2010


Okay, I think it's about time I came back to dA and submitted art regularly. I highly doubt kookey will ever join me on our riskystar account (a combination of astrisk, her tag, and star, my meaning). After all she's a studious gal and now has her own dA page to maintain. I'll still post doodles, thoughts, and nice things here but I'll post some of my better pieces there now and again. I put up an old piece there, you may have seen it in an earlier post in this blog.

My Intuos4 Small is pretty awesome, but for a while I was RPing in Tegaki E. So I was writing with my stylus more than I was drawing, hahaha.
Ain't it beautiful?

Here are some WIPs

Oh, speaking of RPing as India in the APHOC tag, here's something I drew with a mouse a few months ago.
RepublicofIndia on Tegaki E

29 March 2010


Drew a hijab veil for the first time!
See, she can hardly believe it either!

Drawn in facebook's Graffiti's wall application.  This girl never fails to put a smile on my face. So! Check out her amusingly informative blog about being a young Muslim woman and everything else.

Drawing this made me realise, once again, I do not like drawing glasses. NOT AT ALL. But I wear them. So I suppose that's pretty ironic. But then I dislike wearing glasses. So it's not THAT ironic. Nonetheless I intend to draw spectacles and veils more often.