20 August 2009

Oh, bother

I guess I can say I'm slightly sad I didn't get as many comments on the last two drawings. :/

The first was inspired by a friend who has cancer. His grandfather was a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster and he also suffers. But when he told me he met a girl...it was just adorable. I asked if I could see her and I kind of loosely based it off her colouring and piercings. The shirt was a failed sketch of an airial shot of Chernobyl. xP

The second was influenced by LJ's Napoleon piece, Karolina's eyeshadow, and John's wickedly naturally bleached hair. Just a whole bunch of people in this...

10 August 2009

Eyes Wide Shut

I felt I should have worked on this more, or even done a more detailed oekaki. I miss being an active member of Skylands, but when I'm there, all I can do is comment, since I can't even put a finished oekaki up. xP

I'm super glad there's so many new members that are now populating the board. I hope it won't be so dead anymore like it was earlier this year.
That and I'm secretly hoping I'll get more comments on my oekakis. xP
But in order for that to happen is to make better paintings that are worthy of making an opinion of. x_x