23 January 2011

Watch Your Step

Obviously, I stepped into something.

I thought I posted this here earlier...but anyways, I'm submitting it again after going through my profile pictures on fb, haha.

This was a self-portrait-thing during a pretty turbulent time in my life. The hair sort of looks like mine...?

purple pencil
2+ hrs

17 January 2011

Well, not really. I doodled my old APHOC, India, on an envelope in church yesterday. I was trying to remember the whole police uniform before the sermon ended. >_>

I haven't been drawing as much as I would have liked over the weekend. This computer was hit by a dastardly virus and I had to salvage what I could. I was mostly concerned about the music ('cause I legally purchase it, I don't want to lose it!). Most of my art has been uploaded onto various online repositories..all the good art, anyways.

Since I haven't been drawing, I've been rummaging through my old drawings and watercolours. Most of them are five years old! I even found the sketchbook I took with me to India in 2006. Mind you, nothing drawn in there even looks Indian. Anyways...maybe I'll post some of the good ones up here for a flashback from the past! :O
And reading many books, haha! Spider-Man: Election Day, For the King, Batman: Hush (finally I read this, geebus. It's as good as everyone says), The Thorn, Fables and that's all I can remember. I just returned a bunch yesterday, too...
No reviews, unless I absolutely loved it; in this case, I loved Hush.

Remember, I've a livestream tomorrow evening. I should be on 5pm PST or 8pm EST. Same difference.
Join me!

15 January 2011

I've been doing some Gaia avatar arts lately. LOOK! A GUY! He's rather slim and I didn't give him and muscle definition so I don't know if that really counts, but still. He's an avatar of Akvedot's, a zOMG! clan member, with whom I did an art trade. And the second belongs to Chisuchina, also a clan member. Both of these pieces gave me some more practice with my tablet and openCanvas.  

As I'm still getting used to oC, I've realised that it's near impossible to get a fully opaque line. This bothers me when I'm doing lineart...So I've taken to darkening the line art in whatever photo editter-thing I have at hand and then colouring. I've also increased saturation a bit afterwards in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

11 January 2011


I'm on a rooooooll with art!
So I'm back in oekaki and I had wanted to draw something with thin lines since I have this habit of drawing with thick ones and erasing the edges slightly for effect. Simple cel shading kept me from going overboard.

Still practicing with my tablet. C:

ShiPainter 127 min
drawn on Skylands

07 January 2011

colouring book time!

Ohhhhh my goodness. I'm still getting used to openCanvas. Layers don't get saved? So when colouring half a dozen linearts for LJ, only this was salvageable. Obviously I wasn't going to attempt to draw a background. Though I had one in mind, all hospital-office-y, but I'm burnt out...

"Dr. Catherine Benjamin
only person who gets to call her Catherine though is her husband.
She will use her feminine wiles and her pushy personality to get things her way.
Her hobbies include, gambling, finding out information about you to use to blackmail you later with, and terrorising her assistant Rui "


Oh! I got my tablet fixed, too! Something fussy with the drivers on the computer.

Over 4 hours
Original: Dr Benjamin lineart

06 January 2011

digital paintings

I guess you actually call these paintings compared to the lined works I usually post.

Click for full size.
I wanted to put this up on livestream but openCanvas wasn't cooperating. I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the results as this is the first time I'm using this freeware, haha. Two-some hours with a crappy wireless mouse. I was having some trouble with my tablet...scoured half a dozen forums trying to figure out what was wrong. I'll have to call Wacom tomorrow.

Something I did last week. A bunch of artists did some comic work based on the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. I painted in Tegaki E so it's pretty messy. YOU CAN SEE GOD'S BRAIN! Blasphemy? Nah.
It's all just the tubes in the neck looking like the medulla oblongata and various middle brain structures, haha.

04 January 2011

Shockingly, I have a livestream account. I've been trying to make it a weekly thing so I can get some actual art done. For the time being, I'll be on Tuesday evenings at 8pm EST.

PLEASE Join me in the chat. I'll be playing good music and be typing along with whoever stops by. And drawing on my favourite oekaki board and/or MS Paint.

AND I WILL DO SKETCH REQUESTS. Provided you are watching me. None of this messaging me a request and getting it later business.

Join me here next week! http://www.livestream.com/ssion