25 December 2010

I drew something with a tablet! Well, I drew the lineart with a mouse and then I finally dragged out my dusty tablet and used it to colour this gift.
You can see how I coloured most of the hair at my livestream (also resurrected)

24 December 2010

Just some fluff until the holidays pass.
I have good news of great joy:
Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

10 December 2010



My friend Liz, commissioned these images for her blog. Please do check it out! It's chock full of all sorts of fun comics and the like.
These were coloured in Tegaki E which recently went through an address change so I was momentarily confused but trusty Google helped me find it again. If you want a good doodle board with a very simple palette, join today! They've recently added opacity so if you're so inclined, you can paint even more amazing things. The new web address? http://tewi.us/tegaki

06 December 2010

Coffee Fiend

http://www.kawaiinot.com/index.php?p=339Who's cramming for finals? Let's hear it!
Ya'll hopped up on coffee, yet? At least caffeine?
I'm not a big drinker of coffee, but I still love it. I tend to dump a lot of cream and sugar in my cup so it's not too healthy. BUT I LOVE CAFFEINE SO GOOD

Based off of a comic by Meghan Murphy over at Kawaii Not. Go! And then click each comic for more addictively amusing comics!
(c) Kawaii Not

01 December 2010

Out on a limb..or two

Just some limbs I was trying out

I got a new camera as a new Christmas/Birthday present, so I used that to shoot these. They're sort of dim but clear...I didn't bother to edit them since I've a load of books to befriend.

30 November 2010

A lineart I drew back in February and finally coloured a few weeks ago. Tried a new kind of hairdo.
It was kind of easy to wear, but it didn't look this neat (my hair isn't straight so it was quite messy-looking). This is how I imagined it would have looked like before I had looked in the mirror haha
Those little circle things down the front are supposed to be mirrors...
Church setting fail

Drawn in PaintBBS on Skylands Oekaki

22 November 2010

More recent ones are near the bottom. Haha, you can clearly see the influence of the books I was reading last month in the lower half of the image (Wonder Woman, Emma, and The Creation of Eve).

07 November 2010


I can't believe I did Pokémon fanart. I don't think I've done any in nearly five years. I remember drawing the cute starter pokemon and all sorts of grass pokemon for my brothers. And then various Team Rocket outfits when I got into the whole craze...
Being that I never owned my own Pokémon game (I had always borrowed my brother's games and played a New Game for as long as I could hold the Game Boy), I easily veered off into other Japanese games/cultures. Of course the increasing silliness of the Pokémon movies helped in the push toward the later program, the older and more darker-themed Yu-Gi-Oh! haha.
Anyhoo, my trek into nostalgia was brought upon me by the fun-tastic Bat-chan. Her recent slew of fanart of the new Pokemon game tempted other members to draw their own fanart. Not really into drawing animals, I was inspired by the board's owner who had drawn herself as a trainer. YES HUMANSSS, I CAN DRAW THAT. I mean, them.
SO. This is my fanart.
It is actually a loosely based trainer-portrait of a friend with her Eevee; cute animals are pretty easy to draw. As one Skylands member aptly noted: "I gather from the background that he/she's going to end up as a Leafeon."

Books I've finished reading? The Two Princesses of Bamarre and The Creation of Eve. I have always loved Gail Carson Levine's books, and the stories are always wonderful no matter how many times I read them. The second is a new book. Finding out that there was a female painter of some renown during the Renaissance is probably the selling point of this book. To me...it's just about Sofonisba's relationship with Michelangelo and her observations of the royal Spanish family. I found the ending to be contrived but the Author's Note cleared up quite a bit..
The Two Princesses of BamarreThe Creation of Eve

26 October 2010

24 October 2010


Mermaid oekaki! And apparently it inspired another member to draw some fanart of her. (It's the piece named Merblah) I feel bad now since she doesn't have a name...I haven't even figured out a name for my last mermaid and she's a more developed character! She's taken up pages in my sketchebook which I'll upload soon.
Oh, the last mermaid is a darker-skinned beauty...mer-arabia
I can't see any earlier post with this one in it. I drew it back in June haha
Anyways, I just wanted to say that Skylands oekaki rock and it's full of awesome artists who come out of the woodwork whenever the time is right.
Love you all!

18 October 2010

This is my...cousin's hand resting on her knee. We were insanely bored at our other cousin's baptism so she asked me to draw her hand. So since I had my daily planner handy and a pen with a LOT of ink, I readily agreed. Came out alright, I think.

13 October 2010


I can't believe I haven't posted in weeks!
But for all your waiting, I've actually managed to draw a computer-image. With a mouse like always. Whenever I drag out my tablet, I get a lot of questions and subsequent nagging so I don't bother anymore. But soon I'll figure out how to use it and it use it properly.
I tried to stick with a specific colour palette for this one.

21 September 2010


Bioethics always bring up fun topics to discuss.  First time drawing a pregnant person, heh.

15 September 2010

The red inked one I drew while at the hospital and the second one was inspired by Kate Beaton's pirates though a stray mark near his mouth makes him look like some vampire.

10 September 2010

Just a page I scanned.

Apparently the page was too wobbly to be scanned properly.  But you can see doodle of my mermaid character in the upper left corner. I still need to figure out a name for her. :/  The grinning girl is from an Ebony magasine, I think. The right side is just some doodles after reading a Blue Beetle comic. I was just trying out some mouth styles.

07 September 2010

sketch dump


Gah, I love my small sketchbook; I can take it anywhere and just drawwww

30 August 2010

Book sketches

I figured I should finally post these.

You see the sketchings of afro-features; there are all females, sorry. There are some doodles of the mother and the daughter.

18 August 2010


So I was never depressed (though I was diagnosed with depression a while back), I had, in fact, inspiration deficit disorder.
"You had depression?!?!?!?!?" You ask? Why, I had that collage and that huge painting about shortly before all that.
Just F.Y.I.
These pictures were sort of inspired by this interestingly entertaining artist Marie Pearson. I sort of stalk her on Tegaki E.

Yay for awkward limbs!

15 August 2010


Courtney Crumrin, Vol. 1: Courtney Crumrin & The Night Things (Courtney Crumrin (Graphic Novels))I'm kinda getting back into drawing like this again...probably due to watching Bleach and surfing through some anime-esque galleries on dA, hahaha! I've been reading many comics from my local library as well and there's a number of them illustrated by Naifeh (magicker of Courtney Crumrin's bewitching escapades). I copied his particular style of eyes; you can see several pairs in the photo in where I scrawled his name...

13 August 2010

SOOOOOOOO. That book deal? Yeah, it's officially called off. Apparently the publishing company was no good. The author had her lawyer look over the contract; he said that it was vague in the terms of the money she would get and advised her against it. 
She's gonna postpone the project for a while...finish up her business now and maybe revise her book and find an agent next year. Good news? I didn't waste my time on dozen of these sketches, she paid me for my time: listening to her and laying the groundwork for future illustrators.
I felt so bad taking the money though! She didn't accept the sketches I had done so far, she only wanted her manuscript and reference photos of her family and the geese.

12 August 2010


Book deal has been called off, can't say I'm not relieved. Details, hopefully posted on Friday.

10 August 2010

 I do have a picture. It's about 90% finished, some facial features need some colouring in, the shirt needs shading and the sash's colour needs to be fixed. More uniformity, really.  She's not going to have a background...just a floor, hahaha.

29 July 2010

Minor sketch dump...
Click for full size.

Heh, you can see my self-ramblings along the bottom. Also there's some early doodles geared toward the africana-style or whatever for the book ilustrations... Basically, wider noses and thicker lips.

I ought to post these more often buuuuut I don't have a scanner and relying on library ones while all the neighborhood kids are hogging the computers is far from ideal.

Will post more often though! I'm  a friend's lineart now shhhhh
So there'll be an oekaki coming up!

21 July 2010

Circa 2005

Let's see where my art was lookin' like five years ago, shall we?
Look! She's facing to the right! But see, her eyes are still looking left. Le sigh. At least she's not drawn on lined paper like the ones below!

It says "meenie hair" in the corner. Obviously I styled the hair after like one of my old Gaiaonline avatars; I forget what that particular style was called but it was a pain to work with since it was an uncommon shade of violet. I did a slightly more accurate, watercolour version that I posted to my old dA in 2006. Oh WOW, I take that back. It's not really accurate except for the colouring and the facial expression. You can be the judge, just click here: gaian meenie in watercolour.

Obviously I doodled in class quite a bit back then.  These three are some of the better ones. 

From the same notebook as well. I find it neat that the girl in the forground has a much brighter face. Them lines that run through the whole image aren't as visible since her eyes and mouth overlap those lines, neatly hiding the pesky blue lines.

The library scanner was acting very geriatric-like though it looked so shiny and new!  I was only able to get a few of my Africana- doodles scanned properly along with these.
Anyways, I should be posting my sketches and doodles for the upcoming book soon (not to mention draw more sketches for the author)