30 April 2011

 I hate how I can never get anything productive done at home aside from making something edible. And maybe cleaning my space (it's one of my few strengths, keeping things neat).

I can draw or read practically anywhere. Pretty sad.

27 April 2011

Easter doodles

Doodled a bit after lunch on Sunday. My...second cousins, I think? asked me if I could draw "real" people so I drew a bishop.

20 April 2011


Something I've been working on. Spontaneously drew the lineart with a mouse last week in a public library  (I have to go out to print stuff in colour heh). Started colouring it earlier this week with a mouse.
And tonight (rather, yesterday) I had to restart my computer so the tablet would work;I prolly hve to update my drivers...
Still fudging around with the shading. It's been a while since I did semi-realism in PaintBBS and the watercolor tool still pisses me off. At least using a tablet pen makes it less frustrating.

Loosely based off one of the sketches I did last month.  It's an old graduation photo of someone; she's in the lower right. This girl looks a lot darker than I expected, but it's all good. The nose and jawline needs fixing up since I spent a good hour painting the neck and shoulders. x_x

12 April 2011

Just something things I've been scrawling to destress.

some fanart of Captain Atom...

I had a copy of Bazaar lying around...

this last one was from today
Click to see them full size

09 April 2011

some doodles from my last livestream and some linearts lying around
you'll have to click for full-size since the smaller doodles were done in openCanvas

03 April 2011


my half of an art trade; the girl wanted me to draw her high-fiving Obama with BROBAMA in red beneath the two.
It's my first time drawing a high-profile figure like him.