26 March 2009

Let me grow up

Just finished sketching a self-portrait.
The line of the nose bothers me alone, though. :|
(yay, for un-editted photos)

23 March 2009

Feeling Brown

I think the whole thing with APH and my RPing as India is pretty cool and it's been dragging (not kicking and screaming, as it would have before) me into my own heritage. It was a bit daunting at first, getting into character and such. I've tried so hard to avoid that part of me. Not too hard mind you. My church is a MTC church, after all. But I still don't watch Bollywood movies and I don't keep a whole lot of Indian friends. :/

Though I haven't posted much on Tegaki E this week, I've been doing a bit of Sanskrit and 1940s India research and thinking of ways to tick off England.

This is was my 'introduction' into the OC tag on Tegaki E. I've been trying to give her a name other than Indian, haha. I've been thinking either Deskari (done by the country) or Padma (lotus). And then for a last name...I should probably ask my parent for common Indian last names. Other than Patel, of course. x3 I found an excellent reference for her outfit on Arun Kumar Sinha's blog. Period uniforms, yay! Since APH mostly takes place in the 1940s what with the Axis Powers and Indian trying to gain it's independence at the same time, finding this was like a gift. A woman constable's uniform from 1940 from a southern Indian HQ matched the original countries from the web comic/anime PERFECTLY! *squeee*

Anyhow, other than RPing as Indienne, I've been doodling a bit of 'Indian' art. Figuring out how saris, salwars, churidaars drape and such. Shoudlnt' be too hard as since I wear a churidaar every week and seee even more people wear them in church. Perhaps I should bring my sketchpad to church. Hmn, that'd take away from me teach Sunday School. :T
Here's a WIP that I've sketched a bit in pen in my agenda and I'm oekaki-ing. I'm not sure what I'm trying to do with her skirt. Back to lined paper for this, I guess. x3

"Bird of Paradise"

An old pen and ink drawing from my art class back in secondary school.
The girl who modelled the form has hair like mine, so many people asked if I drew a self portrait.

Thankfully for her (and me, since I posed for the other student at some point during the year), she din't have to hold the pose for the entire making of this drawing. We only needed the 'outline' and had to fill it in with patterns, much like I do with
mehndi, haha.

Mitochondria! And paisleys!

20 March 2009


Mother woke me up screaming, it snowed, it snowed! Take pictures of my adorable little mountain and the crocuses under the SNOW!!!!
So of course I took the cliche photos of crocus buried under snow. Aaaand I forgot to take photos of her moss covered rocks (her 'mountains'). xP

And this is a sculpture that was finally put up on a pole in a bush after an age (make sense of THAT). I made the mask-thing...oh, four years ago, I think.

11 March 2009


The only art I've been doing is my eye makeup. Since it's more convenient to slip on glasses in the mornings I go all out with my eye makeup. These specs don't let a whole lot shine through, y'know?

Though every now and then I think, hey, what if I tried a more natural look? So the ones with thinner eyeliner and a bare shimmer of eyeshadow are my so-called 'au naturale' looks. XD

02 March 2009


Why, oh, why can't spring be here NOW?!
Made this collage today.