29 July 2010

Minor sketch dump...
Click for full size.

Heh, you can see my self-ramblings along the bottom. Also there's some early doodles geared toward the africana-style or whatever for the book ilustrations... Basically, wider noses and thicker lips.

I ought to post these more often buuuuut I don't have a scanner and relying on library ones while all the neighborhood kids are hogging the computers is far from ideal.

Will post more often though! I'm  a friend's lineart now shhhhh
So there'll be an oekaki coming up!

21 July 2010

Circa 2005

Let's see where my art was lookin' like five years ago, shall we?
Look! She's facing to the right! But see, her eyes are still looking left. Le sigh. At least she's not drawn on lined paper like the ones below!

It says "meenie hair" in the corner. Obviously I styled the hair after like one of my old Gaiaonline avatars; I forget what that particular style was called but it was a pain to work with since it was an uncommon shade of violet. I did a slightly more accurate, watercolour version that I posted to my old dA in 2006. Oh WOW, I take that back. It's not really accurate except for the colouring and the facial expression. You can be the judge, just click here: gaian meenie in watercolour.

Obviously I doodled in class quite a bit back then.  These three are some of the better ones. 

From the same notebook as well. I find it neat that the girl in the forground has a much brighter face. Them lines that run through the whole image aren't as visible since her eyes and mouth overlap those lines, neatly hiding the pesky blue lines.

The library scanner was acting very geriatric-like though it looked so shiny and new!  I was only able to get a few of my Africana- doodles scanned properly along with these.
Anyways, I should be posting my sketches and doodles for the upcoming book soon (not to mention draw more sketches for the author)

15 July 2010

Here's a few doodles from a while ago. I haven't had much time this week to scan the doodles all over my notebooks since VBS was last weekend and whatever else in life.

Fffff, they're all still facing the left.