23 May 2010


The lilies are growing and they're reddish, like the new leaves of a rose heh. Yes, it raining and I think the comet goldfish are biting

20 May 2010


I know, I can't seem to draw anything else.
Ha, I accidentally cut off my signature on the second doodle. So much for these photography skills. Speaking of! I've a bleeding heart snapshot from the garden I've been helping out in.

The water droplets are just so prettyyy *_*

17 May 2010


Uhm, I was doodling while on duty.  e_e
Kinda got into a frock theme, I'm afraid. I'm also sorry about the terrible quality the sketches are in. I should hijack one of the scanners at my local library and get my drawings scanned all proper. ;o;

Bits 'n pieces were used in this terrible consistency exercise: Some drawing exercise.
Brought me back to A Little Princess. One of the best comfort books that I read when I'm down. ESPECIALLY ten years later. C:

Here's a Tegaki E doodle I did...
tharah on Tegaki E

07 May 2010

Blue Hair

My mother found some thick paper lying around and asked me if it was watercolour paper. Leafing through it, it didn't SEEM like watercolour paper, but then again, I haven't been painting on various kinda and different pressed sheets. It's lightly textured so I thought it may have a chance under some water. xD
So I stealthily painted a quick lineless picture. Seems like the paper is good, it was treated with some acid-free wash so it absorbed the paints well.  Her hair really makes me wish I bought a new white gel pen. My current one died thought it has plenty of ink left. :/
I added some details with a blue ballpoint and colour pencils once it finished drying to add some depth.