03 April 2009

From this to this

apprx 20inx16in

Circa 2007
I made the collage after I thought there were way too many happy-looking collages being made along with mine. I took a bit of the collage(it's from the bottom left-hand corner) for inspiration for this hard-edge acrylic painting.


01 April 2009

To do list

ust making note of the art I should be doing. xP
  • Finishing that Jasmine oekaki (white palms or no?)
  • Sketch more self-portraits of myself/face for Naar.
  • GW lineart for Sumi (at least I finally got a semi-decent screenshot of her)
  • avatar art for youngest brother
  • 'descriptive' art of my (first!) RP OC: Marie (must look up refs for scythe)

  • Must RP more regularly as India on Tegaki E
  • Submit a decent blog entry with main account on Tegaki E. D:
I feel I should do more art on my own since I haven't really taken a formal art class. That's my logic, anyhow. It's damn hard to do when I really should be doing a million other things.