29 February 2012

Scanned some doodles for once

Doing another Princess Bubblegum piece based on the messy pen sketch. The rest were done in pencil.
I'm trying to make my doodles have more variety; let's see how long this lasts

28 February 2012

27 February 2012

This won a NY competition haha
I couldn't make the watercolours work the way I wanted to so I cleaned up the sketchy lines some and it kinda works? I like her young PB's short bob betterrrr sob


21 February 2012

19 February 2012

16 February 2012

quick colouring of sketches in photoshop

I coloured using my trackpad so the edges are a bit grainy in places
Always feel like the Joker when I wear a purple sweater over a green top haha

Figuring out how to casually wear a new navy blue dress

14 February 2012

I admit it, I drew hearts today. And paisleys! Amongst the usual doodles

13 February 2012

09 February 2012

Dump of week-old doodles

I won't be putting a watermark on these little things; they're often just quick sketches when I get distracted (besides, I can't put it while on my phone).

08 February 2012

Getting the hang of putting a watermark on my images. Will post more later...
Finally got the blogger app on my phone so I hope I'll be posting with more regularity.