24 July 2012

I Thought
A little something I needed to get out and Marion's words illustrate it beautifully.
Note: I'm actually right-handed, therefore that is the hand I create with, not with the left as indicated up there haha

21 July 2012

doodle update

I'm trying to have consistency in my sketchbook, so this apparently means I have themed pages. I'll go back to a particular page if I know what I want to draw and it will fit with the subjects already drawn. If not, then I'll sketch willy-nilly and that's fine too.

And then some old class doodles...

19 July 2012

Yeah so her outfit was inspired by the dress Babette wore in the film I watched earlier this week. It wasn't a love story at all, I just love drawing these sorts of dresses.
Did some experimenting with the textured brushes in MyPaint :)