20 June 2011

I painted a t-shirt and it looked AWESOME. Looooook:

It was for my brother's costume. He had gone to a Disney-themed party and he was one of the gardener Cards or something in Alice in Wonderland. He's also the one who shot this photo of my painting it haha.
So it's been over a month. And I've hardly painted, drawn, or doodled lately.
BUT I attended a speed drawing workshop at AnimeNEXT and got some practice drawing guys in action-y poses. Those are already lost in the mess I call under-my-desk. Aaaaaaaand I'm colouring this thing by the most rad LJ in openCanvas:
Going for a South Indian look-Tamils, to be specific-since he's got dark skin and so-very-straight hair. But he's such a hipster with them glasses and fruity tie, yanno?
You can check out LJ's other wonderful linearts and complete them yourself (HE WANTS YOU TO).