28 April 2012

Spring 2012 floral dump

As always, I've been taking photos of my mother's garden but I haven't been posting them here much. If you follow me on twitter or are friends with me you might have seen some of these shots

24 April 2012

In which Tara sketches the faces of friends

have a gander

And then I sketched my own face (I need to do something about the hair):

22 April 2012

a little more variety

In no particular order: girl doodles, beach sketch, trainer portrait, a baby, hair, bathing suits and an odd little self-portrait

19 April 2012

people watching and other miscellenea

So I have a larger sketchbook in hopes that I start drawing bigger doodles. This one is about the size of my small laptop...7.5in x 10in. So while they look like any other page of doodles I've posted before, the subjects are sometimes two times larger than what I doodle in my notebooks haha

Click each page to see everything in full view!

17 April 2012

Manila folder doodles!

I think there's a message here but I didn't execute it as I illustratively could (Conservative Caucasians and liberal hijabis?).