20 April 2011


Something I've been working on. Spontaneously drew the lineart with a mouse last week in a public library  (I have to go out to print stuff in colour heh). Started colouring it earlier this week with a mouse.
And tonight (rather, yesterday) I had to restart my computer so the tablet would work;I prolly hve to update my drivers...
Still fudging around with the shading. It's been a while since I did semi-realism in PaintBBS and the watercolor tool still pisses me off. At least using a tablet pen makes it less frustrating.

Loosely based off one of the sketches I did last month.  It's an old graduation photo of someone; she's in the lower right. This girl looks a lot darker than I expected, but it's all good. The nose and jawline needs fixing up since I spent a good hour painting the neck and shoulders. x_x

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