05 May 2011

Sailor Pluto

I was working on this for a loooooong time, starting it in the local library in early Aprill and then working on it off and on at home. Apparently Chrome doesn't let me edit this, so I have to open up internet explorer just to draw oekaki. :C

Remember that WIP I posted back in April?
No particular story behind why I had drawn her, aside from her being the only brown girl in all the popular anime broadcasted when I was a kid. (My favourite is actually Sailor Jupiter, haha). I took some liberties with her hair...as well as her facial features since this is a realistic piece not 'anime' by any definition.
Her right eye is larger on purpose (for what purpose, I don't know haha) but it didn't look grossly wrong when I flipped the sketch to check for mistakes).
I often don't paint watercolour in oekaki because it just takes too long! This one practically took 400 minutes when most of my other simpler, cel-shaded ones, take around 100 to 150 minutes to do. Of course I wasted a bit of time manually adjusting the opacity of both the WaterC and Solid brushes so I'd get the proper translucency of her skin. It kept looking like wrinkly tissue in the beginning and that irritated me. When I finished it this week I had gotten comfortable with the tools as well as dug out my tablet.

If you wanna see how I drew it and the sketch, watch this: oekaki animation
(it doesn't take you to livestream but there are a couple livestream dedicated to the colouring of this oekaki)

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