26 September 2011

killing time

Attempted to paint something on my iPhone. I know. Painting on a 2in wide screen, I'm crazy.
I used iRetouch Free (which I actually do use for photo-editting). It’s kinda awkward but I made do. I used a large canvas size (took a random photo and just whited out everything so it was a blank canvas) so I could access all the parts of what I wanted to paint while zooming and panning around. Right before posting this, I cropped out much of the unpainted corners and unseemly edges.
 I’m surprised it looks decent without having used  a stylus, layers or an eyedropper tool haha 
Ignore any weird facial anatomy.

3hrs and my fingertip

1 comment:

  1. For your fingertip and putting this up on a 2 inch scree- Salute! Nice piece of work :)