15 June 2009

Er, London

I'll just link the album since uploading photos from this computer is becoming akin to teeth pulling. Long and excruciating (especially when one has wisdom teeth).
Der! London!

Well, it was nice to finally meet my niece now that she can speak and such. Though all she speaks is Malayalam we both have about the same vocabulary so it worked out. Apparently we look the same. Well, when I was a three year old, that is.
Ahh, I did a lot of sightseeing. Went to Madame Tussuad's, London Eye, The Tower of London, a few of the little gardens (and a Garden Museum!), Millennium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, tube (MIND THE GAP!), Tate Modern, and a few others I'm sure I've forgotten by now...

Anyhoo, I think it's ironic that I know London's Underground better that I know NYC's subway system.

(random art update coming soon in next entry!)

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