15 June 2009

I just realised I've gone with out a sketchbook in quite a while. Nearly two months. Le gasp.
Well, when I go out for my near-daily...chauffeuring and grocery shopping I'll nip by the local convenience store (Boots!, haha) and get one. Provided I have money for it.

There we go. I realised uploading them to photobucket gets it through. :3

Here are some watercolours I've finished.
The ballerina was a birthday gift to a friend.

The one with pure white hair is going to get a collage as her 'do whenever I get the chance.

I went to the beach for a weekend so that was amazing. :D! So here's some shots of that. The last one is of an aspiring GQ model or something[one]. I don't feel like posting all the photos of him. ,

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