29 September 2009

New OC

So here's that original character I mention earlier (a whole page in the past).
She's half French, and has some Hindu deity in there. Because of the Indian influence, she tends to wear gold (a lot or a little, her jewelry HAS to be gold). Though she has Indian blood in her, she has absolutely no divine powers. I refuse to godmod.
Of course there's her weapon. While not original, a scythe isn't often used in battles (let alone epic battles). There are about three or four images I referred to draw my own scythe with all the lunar and Indian references. I think that's the only thing I really worked on, since I'm don't go about drawing armaments in my doodles.

I suppose the only unnatural thing about her is the fact her dark hair glints violet in bright light.
Try not to notice all the anatomical errors (I'll point 'em out anyway so you won't feel like 'enlightening me' anyway). The weird gap between her legs. One of her hands is bigger/longer than the other. She looks sort of cross-eyed. Narrow and awkward positioning of shoulders. Inaccurate cast shadows on her blouse.
I was more concerned about creating the character than making sure she looked human.

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