24 September 2009

State of Mind

So, I'm feeling strangely motivated to do well this half, so whatever started this motivation, I hope it doesn't go away anytime soon.
Unfortunately, with all the required reading I have to do (which is still astounding), I haven't been able to do any recreational reading. Which is also strange since I always used to make time to read a novel. Maybe I'm find more subjects interesting...that may be due to the fact that I started taking one nonfiction book whenever I stopped by the library. And being the the cheap bibliophile that I am, that was quite frequently. The staff there know me by face, not yet by name, and that's not because I painted that mural for them!
Here's a collab I did with a fantastic artist-soon-to-be-wedded-teacher Katie Jo:

She did the lineart, and I the colouring. You can find her work at http://kjs.deviantart.com. Click, you!

On a more personal note, someone finds me interesting. And it's not a random person online who's never met an Indian...

We'll see how things go.

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