17 February 2011

WOW! This is my 101st post! I can't believe I've published my doodles that many times, it's definitely a milestone, fersure.

I so want it to be spring right now, I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong climate. D:
Used a colour theme: dark green, teal and yellow. One day I'll paint a real background, I promise.

5 hrs over two days
You can watch the lineart drawn out in the second half of this video up on my livestream channel. 
Moleskine Sketchbook PocketI have been drawing a lot otherwise, I promise! I've photographed the doodles and sketches and I'll dump them  all here soon.
My sketchbook is almost full, time to go looking for a new one. Maybe a slightly bigger one? I've become partial to small sketchbooks...I'm thinking of getting one of those Moleskine books. They look quite smart with the elastic holding the open end together. My current spiral bound book has a rubber band stapled to the cardboard back Same function...just looks a lot shabbier, haha.

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