06 January 2011

digital paintings

I guess you actually call these paintings compared to the lined works I usually post.

Click for full size.
I wanted to put this up on livestream but openCanvas wasn't cooperating. I guess I'm pretty satisfied with the results as this is the first time I'm using this freeware, haha. Two-some hours with a crappy wireless mouse. I was having some trouble with my tablet...scoured half a dozen forums trying to figure out what was wrong. I'll have to call Wacom tomorrow.

Something I did last week. A bunch of artists did some comic work based on the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. I painted in Tegaki E so it's pretty messy. YOU CAN SEE GOD'S BRAIN! Blasphemy? Nah.
It's all just the tubes in the neck looking like the medulla oblongata and various middle brain structures, haha.

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