17 January 2011

Well, not really. I doodled my old APHOC, India, on an envelope in church yesterday. I was trying to remember the whole police uniform before the sermon ended. >_>

I haven't been drawing as much as I would have liked over the weekend. This computer was hit by a dastardly virus and I had to salvage what I could. I was mostly concerned about the music ('cause I legally purchase it, I don't want to lose it!). Most of my art has been uploaded onto various online repositories..all the good art, anyways.

Since I haven't been drawing, I've been rummaging through my old drawings and watercolours. Most of them are five years old! I even found the sketchbook I took with me to India in 2006. Mind you, nothing drawn in there even looks Indian. Anyways...maybe I'll post some of the good ones up here for a flashback from the past! :O
And reading many books, haha! Spider-Man: Election Day, For the King, Batman: Hush (finally I read this, geebus. It's as good as everyone says), The Thorn, Fables and that's all I can remember. I just returned a bunch yesterday, too...
No reviews, unless I absolutely loved it; in this case, I loved Hush.

Remember, I've a livestream tomorrow evening. I should be on 5pm PST or 8pm EST. Same difference.
Join me!

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