16 March 2011

 I've finished some requests in the last few days.
Jjetty from Gaia

This took forever to do! Okay, more like 4+ hours since I had to do some research for the gun and I'm just not used to drawing guys, period. Did most of the agonising lineart and colouring last night, ahahaaaaa*sigh*.
You can watch much of the process here: Jjetty livestream
A LOT OF TIME in oC + intuos4 and hp mouse for sketching and colouring

If Kero's Ink was all growed up...she'd look like this! x3

That image at the left is what Ink actually looks like.
I just wanted to draw a lady wearing a dress with a sweet heart neckline, haha. She's into the whole water-power-thing so I gave her bracelets that help her command water? And there's that cop-out of a background. This was a thank you gift for Kero since she drew me all pretty. If you want her to draw something for you....slots are full. sadface! But check out her journal for details and for when slots open up.

Watch the drawin' process: Kero's Ink livestream
2hrs in oC + intuos4

Character (C) to Karolina Lubkova

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