23 March 2011


Blueberry muffins on top and yellow cupcakes iced with whipped cream on the bottom.

Those who know me, know I bake. I bake a lot. Apparently I'm famous for my brownies? IDK 

But some people suggested I start a tumblr for the stuff I bake...You know, another blog.

Ah, these more recent, ahem, delicacies were made for birthdays. 
The blueberry muffins were for my cousin's birthday earlier this week. Mostly 'cause I had a bunch of blueberries that needed to be used before they got mouldy, heh. Nonetheless, all the butter gives them a cakey texture so they're wonderful to eat. Plus, the exploding berries look like purple watercolours soaking through the muffin.
I made yellow cake for the first time in my life for my mother's birthday (as per her request). Of course something usually goes wrong when you bake something the first time (unless you have someone who's made it before helping you along).  Since the recipe called for a bajillion eggs I forgot to put couple and maybe some leavening agent. So they all didn't rise. Worst birthday present, yeah?
To cover up my miserable mistake, I had to run out and get even more heavy cream. ANYWAYS, I machine whisked it all into whipped cream, coloured a large portion of it green and filled the cups with enough of the stuff so that the cupcakes looked like they were normal sized. And then I piped leftover white frosting in floral designs taking inspiration from my mother's favourite place: her garden.

At least they look like they're worth it!

With my newish camera in hand, I can definitely take decent photos of my edible creations before they're scarfed down. Perhaps I'll post a recipe or two with my hints, knacks, and suggestions?
I just need incentive. Like small fan base that'll reblog my food to the far reaches of the internets!

Sounds feasible/interesting/yummy?

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  1. The days I lived with my chef-baker-fosterbrother-friend Bram, were some of the happiest of my life.
    Freshly home made baked goods improve the karma of any home.
    Hey, speaking of which, want to live with me and bake for me? I need a place to live that is not either of my sister's houses.