01 March 2011


Some oC fun, drew this in an hour. I used a reference in the beginning but it was just a link so it's long gone. I finished this up a bit in this broadcast.
That sun flare sucks, ahhhhh. By the time I realised my mistake I couldn't undo all the brushstrokes so I left it as is.
oC + intuos4

click for full size
Did some more Gaia arts in the last month or so.
Check out my livestream (the link on the side) for the various broadcasts drawing some of these.
Drawn in MS Paint or openCanvas. All of them belong to their respective users. (c) Gaiaonline

Oh! I'm taking music suggestions for future livestreams; just comment on this or leave me a message on whatever site you know me from.  I like all kinds of music except country and most  rap... I really don't want to keep playing the same music each time. I love taking suggestions from whoever stops by during my broadcasts but seeing that I've a teeny tiny audience each time, I suppose it isn't a big deal.

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