20 March 2011


Some doodlesss
Click if they're cut off or you want to go in closer.
These were shot with with my Sony DSC-W350 and then fixed them up in Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery. Does it look better with a black background?
Left: Look, genie pants!
Top left: The way I've been wearing my hair now...makes me look rounder. Short hair seems to flatter narrower faces than mine. D:
Middle: Run run run
Bottom: Wrinkle cream! applied with thumb! Looking at it now, the pink girl seems to be applying ash to her own foreheard. Lent is on the brain, haha.
Right: And there's a ridiculously awkward pose in the shape of a teardrop. Kind of. o:

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I got a scanner!
More like a printer/fax machine/scanner but, it works, I tell ya! It's the Brother MFC 490 and I'm still figuring it out. But my new sketchbook on the other hand, it's so figured out, it has already fallen apart. Being the poor gal I am, I picked up the cheapest pad available and it wasn't ring-bound. saaaad, I know. But it has larger pages and that's an improvement over my last one.

Here's the first three pages!
Okay, the only thing 'ethnic' about this sprawl is the outfit at the bottom right. Which I think is Burmese or Malay. I'm prolly wrong. Of course those magnificent dancing baggy pants at the centre could be part of Mughal culture. That is, if I drew a blouse for the dancer.  o.o
Yes, there's actually a plant where the leaves grow around the stem (palm leaves don't count; I see those all the time and these look cooler). This intricate thing is called a perfoliate.

Some Tron: Legacy stuff and a random yoga person I drew last month. (Music by Daft Punk? Hellz yeah!)

Just some things I doodled during a guitar lesson last Thursday. No, I don't play guitar, haha.
That top left doodle is what I WISH my haircut looked like but my mother thought otherwise. She also thought of pulling out all my grey hairs. Why I couldn't just dye 'em purple is beyond me. She's mostly grey and she dyes her head black all the time, ha!
My friend's teacher brought up columns while talking about music nomenclature and so I drew the three basic ones from memory. At the top is Ionic; the simple one is Doric and the fancy schmancy one is Corinthian.

And then there's the assorted expected doodles everywhere. *shrug*

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